Saturday, September 01, 2007

Sky Lights

Venus showed up yesterday morning. As I turned over and looked out over the slightest bit of breaking dawn it was unavoidable to miss a miniature moon gazing straight at me. After a five second brain delay I realized it was Venus rising in the eastern sky. My eyes kept wanting to close but Venus kept demanding attention. She was strutting her stuff as well as any celestial ball can and telling me I should look now for it would be awhile before she had this kind of time and energy to send my way. I lay there and worshipped her as she deserved for well over 15 more minutes before getting up for coffee. As daylight overtook, Venus disappeared.

Early this morning my eyes popped open again before dawn and I turned over excitedly to see if Venus was still my morning friend and was sorely disappointed to only find a small, slightly larger than a star, Venus. As I blinked away sleep, she rushed across the sky on her morning duties, much too busy to bother showing off for me.

We women have the prerogative of being productive and busy one day and languishing Goddesses another.


Rising Rainbow said...

I'm with you on that although I still haven't managed to find the time for the languishing, sure would like to. lol

Molly said...

Some of us just aren't programmed to languish.