Sunday, September 30, 2007


This is an excerpt from a running email between my sister and me. Part of the fun of living out of the US of A is in learning different lifestyles and embracing what fits and realizing what doesn't.

"...A few more observations: Young Mexican women are SUPPOSED to arrive late. There may be something about making an "entrance", but I'm inclined to think it's more about the poor time management multiplied by the number of people in the car. I might be able to work out an equation, given the variables (number of women in the car and distance to the location), and find an answer to what time they will arrive. Another thing that we have learned is that Mexicans find
so much joy in partying late into the night. I liken it to the joy I find in my early morning coffee..."


sari said...

Three of my sisters live in another state. It's certainly nice to have email, isn't it?

Thanks for stopping by my blog.


Molly said...

Sari! Sit down and put your feet up while you can. You've got peanut butter and soccer practice for the next 20 years :)
Lucky girl.
Oh, my. Living so far from family my computer is my total communication tool. I hardly know how to talk on the phone anymore.

Rising Rainbow said...

Heck, the computer seems to be the only way I can get ahold of anyone. Each is busy with their own lives and schedules so forget the phone. TG for email.

Anne said...

Let us know about the equation for tardiness. I can't get anywhere on time.