Wednesday, September 05, 2007


It's not surprising news to us but we awoke to pounding surf and wind this morning. Tropical Storm Henriette could possibly make a direct hit on us today. We have our storm shutters down in-case the wind gets scary. I'll get pictures of my little bay later, when dawn breaks.

I didn't see Bella yesterday. As Diane was putting the mares away, one by one, Bella and Sonora made a break for it with McCoy, the big black gelding. If you ask me, he's a nice looking, older quarter horse with too big a head and a bit of a sway in his back. I guess it's his charisma. The little girls really believe his pick-up lines and follow him like a flock of geese. Maybe he sings Spanish love songs.

Cross your fingers that we don't lose our electricity.

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Rising Rainbow said...

I'm crossing my fingers, I hate storms but loosing power is even worse.