Friday, September 28, 2007

Change Is In The Air

The full moon brought us a blissful change in our weather. The temperatures are changing, the percent humidity is changing, the water temperature is changing, the wind direction is changing, and my mind is changing.

By mid-September most of us who made it through the summer and hurricane were pretty bored with the overwhelming, sweat inducing, heat and humidity. A few days ago? Bingo, humidity is gone and temperatures are slightly lower. I guess it feels more like Phoenix or Las Vegas. Yippy.

I enjoyed a little grooming session with Bella yesterday evening. We still need to work on holding the hooves up nicely. She does very well with two of her feet, then the last two she starts pulling away. I patiently waited until she was still before letting them back down. She also doesn't appreciate her forelock being combed. So, we'll do that everyday now. I led her out to my car to get the bucket-of-love and take it back inside to the stall feeder. She handled that pretty darn well. We had to open and close the gate both ways and she wasn't allowed to even ask for a bite of her pellets. No pushing or pulling and she had to back up and wait until I poured it into the feeder. She has turned 2 and a half this month. I'll drag the saddle out and put it on her this weekend. She doesn't forget anything we've worked on, so I'm ready to move forward.


Rising Rainbow said...

That's cool that Bella is so smart. It always makes training so much easier.

The weather has gotten cooler here too. The jet stream is coming down from the gulf of Alaska and with it comes the cooler air and, of course, the percipitation. GAWD, how I hate that word and what it stands for! But guess the rainy season is a comin'!

Molly said...

Oh, gosh. Just as your rain starts, ours stops, MiKael.
The problem with Bella being smart is that I could screw up so easily and she won't forget.
Why don't you just bring your operation on down here for the winter and help me with my training? I could be a good stall cleaner for you, and you wouldn't have to deal with the wet gray skies all winter.