Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Back Again and Back Again

In between hurricanes and sisters I have had more than my fair share of trips up across the border this summer. My husband and I just made a quick up and back trip this last weekend, getting back home last evening just at nightfall. To say the least, my cupboards are well stocked. I've got a million gallons of wine and mayonnaise on hand now. What more could I need? Oh! Bread! duh. I got it.

Well, what I do need more of is time with my filly. I hate leaving her over and over. She seems to be ever more accepting of my absences but almost forgets her manners when I take her bucket into the stall. A strong word usually accompanied by a hand signal gets her to back off until the pellets are poured into the feeder. Funny how the rules get ignored or pushed when Mama isn't around. I'm anxious to start working her in bits and pieces but the weather is still miserable for more than a tiny bit of activity. I think we've got about a month to go until the cooler breezes come in. Then, this winter I have big plans of lunging and ground driving. I hope you blogger friends will offer some assistance in my starting. She'll be a worthy little mare if we do this right.


Donna said...

I hope you find the time for your filly soon. I find that even though mine is around lots of people every day, when I'm not around much she pushes her boundaries with me a lot when I do show up. We all live and learn by doing.

Molly said...

So true. When I'm around she may think she's "entitled" but she still must behave. When I'm gone she becomes just a young one in the herd and has to push her limits.
Aren't they funny?!

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm getting ready to start several here soon. Actually, guess I have started ground work already but it's only been hit and miss.

I think they all take turns at being pushy. They just have to see if maybe, just maybe, they can move up a rung or two.