Monday, November 23, 2009


I had Bella shipped to California from Mexico recently since it looks like we will be staying awhile. The trip up was slow only due to papers being produced and stamped and an 8 day quarantine at the border. It was nice that the 700 miles didn't have to be traveled all in one day.

I cannot adequately write the words to describe how hard this decision was to move the little horse from her native habitat. However, I finally decided this California desert isn't so different from her birthplace and that she could probably survive relocation especially at this tender age of 4. And with me to spoil the living daylights out of her for the rest of her life maybe she would some day forgive me.

Step One was to stress over her pick up. That was accomplished 3 days after the appointed date. I had found the very best horse shipper in Mexico who had a lovely 12-horse trailer and knew how to go about all the paperwork. My girlfriends met the trailer and stuffed Bella in without much more than some strong pushing. It took maybe 5 minutes. Step Two was to get her to the border and into quarantine. Blood tests drawn and sent off. Worry and wait, wait and worry. And worry some more. Finally the test results were in and she was free to go, so the next step was to haul her up to a farm in Tucson and prepare to be included in a group of 5 horses coming over to California. Another 7 hours in a trailer and she arrived safe and sound, coming off the trailer like the queen had arrived.

For a little Mexican horse who never left her birthplace this was a big trip with a lot of new stuff to see and encounter. I have found her a barn that appears to be so very perfect for her and me. Some very nice horses attached to some very nice women who would rather spend the day with their horses than just about anything else in the world.

Bella and I picked right up where I left off about 6 months ago when we left Mexico. She is already nickering at me when I arrive at the barn for my daily visit. Music to my ears.

A new phase for us has started.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I can't resist a pile of kitties.

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