Friday, September 29, 2006

Progressive Sunrise Pictures

This morning is really quite pretty and almost getting cooler. I stepped outside to see what the cats were doing and was met by 79 degrees of fresh air. 79, not a typo. That's cool for us. I'm telling you how badly I've suffered through the summer with all that air conditioning. Within the next few weeks we should be sleeping with air off and windows open. It's worth waiting for. Listening to the lapping water is so lovely to sleep to.

I love how the sunrise changes the color of the water. It looks like melted copper. If I ever figure out how to post a link to YouTube, I'll try a video so you can see the melted copper turn into waves.


Donna said...

This is the view you see when you "step outside"? Wow. I am definitely inviting myself to visit you.

Molly said...

Come on down, Donna. As I sit at my computer I get to keep an eye on the sunrise. It's like a dream come true every morning...but warmer ;)