Sunday, September 03, 2006

ahem. I spoke too soon. The Tropical Storm formally known as Hurricane John did come for a visit and is staying around longer than I would have wanted. It's been raining for almost 12 hours and the wind picked up sometime in the middle of the night. But it's the swells and surf that really command your attention. Pounding surf that rattles in your chest and hits the sea walls with such gusto that the spray goes above the roof lines. Pretty intense. I tried to snap some pictures but it just doesn't do justice. I'll keep trying a post something if it seems worthy of your inspection.

By the way, I am a weather junky so that's why I bore the dickens out of you with weather stories. Also, being raised in the San Francisco Bay area did not prepare me for real life, weatherwise. It's much more dramatic everywhere else in the world than is SF.


Donna said...

Oh my, I can't really imagine being in a big storm like that! I'm originally from Vancouver BC but now live in the Bay Area, so I'm pretty much a weather novice. I hope everything is OK.

Molly said...

Thanks for writing. This was sort of like a good Pacific winter storm. The rain seems to be over, but we still have strong winds and surging waves. It's all fine. Many folks sitting on their decks watching each other watching the waves.