Thursday, August 31, 2006

Big John is on his lumbering way, slowly spinning up the Mexican coast. You can't tell it by this mornings' picture of the smooth-as-silk bay, with the fishermen fishing and snorkelers floating by. Maybe by this time tomorrow the swells will be big and the surf nasty.


I Gallop On said...

My gosh that is so calm and peaceful looking. I saw the news this afternoon and looks like some people are evacuating. Will you have to leave?

Be safe.



Molly said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comments. I'm glad you pointed out that they weren't available so I could do some detective work and get them "on."

And thank you for your concern. We woke up to a mean, beating surf, clouds, but a light wind. Seems we've dodged this one. The surf looks like Big Sur size waves. I'm just wondering if I'll have to wash my windows before Barbie arrives tomorrow.

bestfriend said...

i love this blog!