Sunday, August 06, 2006

So Dina and I snorkeled a little while yesterday. I saw the most beautiful blue fish down around my toes and made Dina come over to have a look. Such a beautiful example of why nature is better in person.

Speaking of...The tortoises are out and about due to the grasses growing as high as a "tortoises" eye. The big boys are thrilled to be able to lumber about and feed to their hearts' content on the bounty that springs forward in the summer monsoon season. It's quite amazing that the desert can come alive so quickly in the heat of summer. I suppose everyone on the US east coast sees this as the growing time and it's not odd at all. I just think of it as the dried-grass time.

Now we are getting more excited about the Fall. We hear that the really nice month is October, when the weather cools a bit and dries up and the water stays warm.

Guaymas was 105 yesterday and we stopped and had tacos at the Michocan spot I love. Totally wonderful.