Saturday, July 29, 2006

I've got to tell you something that makes me chuckle each and every time I think of it. A few months ago we were taking my old station wagon into the big town to put new tires on it. I was driving it ever so gently when she decided to cough and sputter and quit running. I had just entered the highway, carefully merging into the slow poke lane when the engine quit and thus the steering lost it's power. After stopping and putting her into P, I was able to start her back up. So, we continued for another few hundred meters when she quit again. Same drill. Over to the side and into P and turn her back on. By then, the husband who thinks I can do anything (because I tell him I can) is out of sight and over the next hill wondering why I'm going so slowly. At least 4 stops and starts later I catch up to him and switch cars, thank god his is a shiny Tahoe with major AC. WELL, it turns out the damn car was out of gas but still registered a half tank. Baaad Girl. Now comes the chuckle: Here we sit out on the side of the highway close-but-no-cigar to a gas Mexico! Yep. Black smoking wrecks of cars with major busted out windshields that have only one gear are chugging by and giving us knowing nods that they've been there, done that. sigh I lived through it in spite of my neurosis.