Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The way I feel Right Now is happy to be out of the US and disgusted anew with GW and how he acted at the G-8 Summit. His condescending and bored attitude to all attendees is more hurtful to our nation than we may understand. Rubbing Angela Merkel's shoulders as if they were close relatives like mother and son, and the s**t heard round the world to Tony Blair is really unbearable. I wish they would keep him home until this horrible 8 years runs it's course and we can try oh so hard to elect a gentleman/woman to be our head of state. I can't tell you how embarrassed I am. My own children could be rambunctious in inappropriate situations, but we usually had more stranglehold on them than Dick or Carl have on this idiot.

OK. I had to go out and take a walk to finish this, otherwise I was off on a rant. Sorry. We Americans must truly use our heads next election. Oh I've gotta quit or I'll go off again.

Lovely, humid, hot day ahead.

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