Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Patience. It's all about learning patience.

Living in Mexico has taught this anal-Anglo that everything does not have to happen this instant. If you are willing to wait a damn minute you may have what you desire, or something close to it, or something even better.

Another valuable lesson I'm learning is that Mexicans as a generalization do not judge people on their looks, but more on their hearts. Somehow the folks I have met are so much better at looking into your soul and deciding if they want to be friendly with you or not.


I Gallop On said...


That is gorgeous writing. I love what you said.

Is that a photo of Handsome??? He looks a lot like my first appaloosa. I got her when she was a 4-year old. He does indeed look very handsome to me. I'll bet he had a big heart.


Molly said...

You can see into his soul, can't you. I still cry, I miss him so much. His barn name was Buck. When I moved him into a stall from the field I started calling him, Prince, the horse formally known as Buck. And then I called out, "Hi Handsome!" when I drove up and he nickered. Almost everyone started calling him Handsome then, with a smile. He was loved by all.
I'll post more pictures of him when I'm strong enough to do it without too much drama :)

bestfriend said...

thanks. GBU