Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I'm getting the drift of the word "monsoon." It took it's time coming through but then hit like we were in the middle of a hurricane. Lightening, thunder. Sideways rain. It was everything you dream it would be and more.

Speaking of Hurricane, did you see the Spike Lee HBO special on Hurricane Katrina? Wow. Thank you Spike. It was marvelous and right on target. We watched all 4 hours and both agreed it put any little annoyances completely in perspective. I can't compare anything I've ever gone through to what the gov-ment did to those people. I also remember how angry I was last year as the horror was unfolding. And Barbara Bush, shame on you for being so out of touch with reality that you would think those thousands of people would enjoy camping on the floor of the Astrodome. Please go stay in your gilded cage and take your ass-hole son back with you.

My Bella is out grazing on the desert grasses, free as a bird. She's with the mares and their babies and I bet they are all giddy with delight at the freedom and full grass-bellies.