Saturday, September 23, 2006

Never underestimate the value of running water. Tap water. How did my ancestors survive with just pitchers and basins? I kind of think I have a hand washing OCD, rather minor, but hard to control when my hands feel sticky. I'm fine around horses where my hands are constantly dusty, grimy, sweaty. But as soon as I hit the house I'm washing. Soap and water.

So we went without running water for 48 hours while some water main to the city was whatever...replaced, moved, something that made them turn the town off. Oh how I suffered. Can you feel my pain? We were down to washing with bottled drinking water. I was extremely conscious of every time I had to get my hands clean NOW! It's a problem.

At least I don't have an issue with rechecking light switches and locked doors and coffee pots. (Thank God for the automatic turn off switch in the Krups!) There's surely other issues I'm not copping to or consciously admitting to myself.

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Donna said...

I'm the same way with stickiness, but I'm fine covered in dog or horse hair or dust and sawdust. Maybe it's the natural vs. unnatural substances? I spent last week on a houseboat where fresh water was at a premium, it's a wake-up call to realize how much water we use each day. We have a well, which I am always thankful for.