Sunday, September 10, 2006

Wow what a week! My fun sister and her fun daughter came to visit just in the nick of time to enjoy the dramatic weather we had all week. They flew out yesterday and naturally today dawns bright and clear, smooth and cloudless. Oh well. My niece had a wonderful time tanning by the hot tub which was filled with cold water that turned warm all on it's own. Barbie and I did get to snorkel but the water was still just a bit too stirred up from the hurricane to see the beautiful fish.

I drove the girls back to Hermosillo alone since my husband was busy. That was also a treat to have the opportunity to shop at my own pace after I dropped the girls off. I stopped at a supermarket that has had my attention everytime we've driven past. I really like to grocery shop and shopping in a foreign grocery store has always been a treat. Now the game is to find as many familiar and favorite foods that might be hiding within the Mole' sauces or refritos. This store suprised me with the abundance of choices, even more soup choices. That is one of the main things I always remember and feel guilty about upon returning to the Otro Lado is the amazing choices we take for granted. Simply makes me dizzy as I fill my basket with old faithfuls. Anyway, this nice market was clean, well stocked, and took over an hour to browse through. I picked up a piece of ginger-root so we might consider making something Chinese this week.

I get to go out to see Bella today. The mares and babies are back home. I'll try to snap a picture of Sonora for you. She shows the positive effects of being free and happy for almost a month. Every foal should have this chance to muscle up.


I Gallop On said...

I remember being in a nice grocery store in Mexico a couple of years ago, and thought back to our glistening Wal-Mart SuperCenters, Trader Joe's, Alberson's, Whole Foods, etc. in my own little town of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Wow, we really do take all of these choices for good things we have to eat for granted. I loved the pastries (that and bread are my downfall) that I found there in that little market. They kept the ice cream (All Nestle brand as I recall, NO Haagen Dasz (sp??) to be found anywhere, under lock and key in a special freezer.)

Will look forward to seeing photos of your horses. Sonora is such a beautiful name. I used to ride many years ago an exquisite paint mare named Bella for a fellow who had too many horses to ride on his own!


Molly said...

Hi Kimberly,

Mexico is coming right along with their Pizza Huts, Wal-Marts, Office Depots, but sadly, no Trader Joe's. That is a definite stop on any stock-up trip. I miss sour dough bread but it's in my best interests to be frugal there. And the ice cream, well, same as above.
I think I need to post another whole discussion on food down here.
I love people who own too many horses and are willing to share:)