Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's an epidemic. I can't even imagine what this is that is happening to our grown-ups. Maybe it's an exponential multiplier starting with the few back in oh 1920, or so, and growing out of anyone's unbelievable imaginations. Naturally it has always been such a hush-hush subject. Uncle Jack and his roving hand. The priests and their so-called celibacy.

I suppose most girls/women I know have had at a bare minimum an odd breast brush by an old man just like he didn't mean to. Or maybe a quick kiss that wasn't expected. Little girls and old men. Or little boys and old men. Guess what, old men! It's disgusting. It's not appreciated or enjoyed and causes scars in the children. The actual fondling and having intercourse with little kids is not only scaring that never heals totally but also causes revoltion at the memory for the rest of their lives.

Has it always been this bad?


Donna said...

I think it has always been this bad, and although I think the media isn't good for much, at least with them on the pedophile watch it comes to light more often. As the victim of several abusers I deeply resent the fact that his actions are supposed to be tempered by his own abuse. You are in charge of your own destiny, Mr. Foley, and you screwed it up royally.

Molly said...

That's exactly what I contemplate when somebody excuses their behavior on past experiences. It doesn't work for me. The experience was so bad that you relive it through some other child? You know how badly it effected you so you reenact it with another innocent soul? It doesn't work.
Thank you Donna for your honesty and sharing your thoughts. I don't know if I'll ever get these questions answered about our human condition.

George said...

I have 13 nieces and nephews and if anyone *EVER* touches them-they are gonna have one pissed off uncle to deal with.

Actually, they'll have a few pissed off uncles to deal with:-)