Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Taking Temperatures

I just hung up a new thermometer. It will tell me just how happy or unhappy I am.

My neighbors arrived back from a 4 month leave to their other home in California. In their absence I fed their darling little wild cat every morning. Lupita considered me a decent substitute for her adopted people and we became fast friends. If it was too hot, I made sure the food bowl was put in the shade so she could eat in relative comfort. During our several hurricanes she found a dry spot somewhere while I had to ford the streams running down our street to go check on her. Both cat and food made out fine. She let me pick her up and expected it everyday, rubbing my legs until I would bend down and scoop her onto my shoulder. I went over to her house this morning to return the gate opener, and there she was talking to me about how her other humans had returned.

So her humans came back bearing gifts of thanks for tending their little girl. And now I can tell just how deeply I can suck in air. This morning I have the Air Conditioner off and doors open to the sea. The salt air and the lapping waves are some of my very best friends. The wonderful salty/low tide smell must have been what I drew in on my very first breath on earth. There is truly something wonderful in my old primal brain that happens when I get it.

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