Monday, October 23, 2006

I finally got off of jury duty after an exasperating day at the courthouse. I was juror #6 for hours until someone noticed my bored body-language and I got excused at the eleventh hour. I had stomach cramps for 2 days from the stress.

I went to Marie Antoinette yesterday after several days of playing with Barbie and Susan. I loved the movie, can't wait to buy the soundtrack, and drooled over the horses. It's getting mixed reviews, but I give it a thumbs up. Marie was 14 years old when she was sent off to France to marry one of those Louis'!


Donna said...

Oh I'm dying to see Marie A! I've been to Versailles, and I heard that Sofia Coppola got permission to film in the palace. Plus it has a Moulin Rouge feel to it, am I right? And I loved that movie.

Molly said...

Hi Donna :)
It might have a bit of the Moulin Rouge feel, and it is definitely filmed on location in Versailles. It is so beautiful, painfully beautiful.
I saw Flicka last night. Not worth the price of the ticket, even with the horses. The French horses are more beautiful and the movie is so well made.
I tried to get all the movies watched before heading back to Mexico today, but The Queen hasn't open here yet so that has to wait until next time.

I Gallop On said...

I am wanting to see Marie Antoinette too! Looks very cool. I was at Versailles something like 25 years ago.

Was trying to explain to my children the other day what Marie Antoinette's "Let them eat cake" means...! Don't think they quite got it.