Friday, August 14, 2009

Sunni has a good lesson.

I got to go up to enjoy Cheryl Ann's beautiful horses again and, boy, did we have a busy day. She boards them uphill from the extremely hot desert we live in, so they enjoy a more reasonable summer.

Cheryl Ann's cousin is an amazing woman who has had horses in her life since she was a kid and has learned how to train and work with them. She's that one in a million horse person who really reads a horse well and they respect her as soon as she enters their space.

The one horse that needs a good teacher is Sunni, a big gelding who worries about the gremlins under every blade of grass, and has a huge sensitivity to his behind. The farrier cannot even get to his back feet.

Cheryl Ann's cousin is taking her time and gaining his confidence in baby steps. In the above picture she is asking him to "stay" and then walking to either side of him and eventually behind him. He has to trust her and in the picture you can see how hard he is concentrating. I just love him. They make a wonderful team. By the end of the 30 minute lesson he was allowing her to walk directly behind without moving his rear away.
Here is Scout with Cheryl Ann. This mare is gorgeous, built like a real honest cow pony who could work all day, and has her own opinion about lessons.

I am so fortunate to have met such a wonderful friend with a stable full of horses, and with a cousin who can interpret a horse's thoughts, and who is willing to share the bounty with me.


Cheryl Ann said...

Molly, I'm so fortunate to have met YOU! Thank you, once again, for sharing my horse world!

Flying Lily said...

What great pictures of horses thinking!! The mare is thinking something unprintable.

Carolynn said...

What a great experience and wonderful women. I love that line "has her own idea about lessons". Made me laugh.