Friday, August 28, 2009

The Cove

I had the pleasure of a few days over in Santa Monica with my sister this week. When she has free time and I have free time we like to go to the Farmer's Market or a good movie. We got to do both on Wednesday. If there is an opportunity in your world to see The Cove I highly recommend it. Dolphins in Japan. Dolphin slaughter in Japan. From a man who worked on the Flipper TV series. Your heart will ache for his deeply felt guilt over not understanding the dolphin's condition until he lost his best friend, and how he is dedicating the rest of his life to their safety. Please see it and spread the word.

In other news, today my good buddy back in North Carolina sent me a snapshot of a recent Leatherback hatch on the Outer Banks. When we lived back there in the 90's, I was on a Turtle Patrol team. That meant walking the beach very early in the morning to see if there were turtle tracks and possible nests. Once the nests are identified they are cordoned off with police tape and checked daily to be sure no crabs, birds, or humans have disturbed them. After 60-70 days the nest boils (hatches) and out (up) pour dozens and dozens of hatchlings. It is then the Turtle Patrols' responsibility to safely see that the children crawl toward the ocean. That 50 or 100 yard crawl is very important for the babies' lungs. Thereafter they will need those expanded lungs to take deep breaths for their sea lives.

I wonder when the whole world will understand how important our oceans are to our terrestrial lives.


Maria said...

where in coastal NC did you live, I'm in Emerald Isle an hour or so north of Wilmington. We have the turtle watch here as well and love how you are creating awareness of ocean life in this post. I am attending a wetlands workshop next month.

Molly said...

Hi Maria,
We lived on Sunset Beach, way down the coast almost to SC. What a beautiful way of life you must have.

Carolynn said...

Molly, I wanted to thank you for the message you left me. I got my dates mixed up and posted my Silent Sunday a day early. When I rescheduled it, your message got deleted. I so appreciate your caring words. It means a lot.


photogchic said...

I am so happy you saw "The Cove!" I worked for the filmakers while they were here in Portland, handing out literature and more info about Japan's whaling. Taiji also uses the same cove to capture Orcas. I am working hard on getting more involved with Sea Shepard and thrills me that people are going to see this movie...the more people know the better.