Friday, April 24, 2009

Winos In Paradise

So no sooner did we get home from California but we had friends come down to help celebrate a rather inconsequential birthday. They brought 6 packs of wine...3 of them. And their 3 dogs.

Mugs of wine and shrimp tacos. Onion rings. Watermelon. Carnitas. Pineapple. Tamales.

Our friends have gone back up across the border and they replaced the wine with fresh squeezed orange juice and kilos of fresh shrimp.

Time to get back to basics.


Carolynn said...

That sounds like fun! How's your head today...?

Donna said...

Can I come visit? I could use a drink or two. Or three.

Molly said...

Carolynn? Could you pick up Donna on your way down here please?

C-ingspots said...

Hmmm that does sound good to me right about now...but an inconsequential birthday??? I don't think so...those sound like good friends to me!
Good times!!
Bella looks beautiful!!