Wednesday, April 01, 2009


That is our first crop of oranges from our little tree in our tiny yard up here in California. The next crop is already starting now that the deliciously fragrant blossoms have fallen off and left baby oranges the rest of the year to gestate on the tree.

The wine? Yes, well now that is just for my restful mind. I received the sweetest un-birthday present from Carolynn, the book Radiant Body, Restful Mind along with a fancy Lavender sachet from L'Occitane that is sitting right here next to my computer. Thank you a million times, my friend. I read through the first chapter yesterday and found myself breathing deeply and relaxing with a handful of raisins and my legs in the sun. Treating myself properly.

Since my birthday is marching up the lane this month I am going to do the same thing she did and offer this lovely book up to someone who just needs a reminder to treat yourself like the valuable human you are. If you would like to receive my own un-birthday gift being passed forward leave a comment and I'll do some random eeny meeny miny moe thing. All of my blogger buddies are valuable, you know.


Anastasia said...

This looks like the kind of book I need to read. (And maybe I should have some wine too!)

Carolynn said...

Now THAT sounds like a wonderful day! I'm so glad you're enjoying the book & the sachet. I found the author's writing, in and of itself, relaxing. Her suggestions are a bonus.

Big Hug!

C-ingspots said...

Lovely Miss Molly, I just wanted to stop by and say hello and wish for you a lovely day...but, I see you're already enjoying one!! Good girl!! Oranges from your very own tree??? What a blessing!! I just love fruit trees. There's something very special about being able to pick your own from your very own tree. I planted 2 peaches and 2 cherries last spring and so far, they're doing well. Fingers crossed. Maybe in a year or 2, we'll have some lovely fruit too. We already have apples and pears, but the dadgum horses get most of those!! I have to fight Ladde for the pears. He's such a pig when it comes to fruit. I would be honored to receive that book...what a wonderful idea to keep giving the gift! Enjoy your day. Happy Upcoming Birthday!

xoxo~ Meg said...

What a wonderful way to pay it forward! Isn't Carolynn fabulous?

smellshorsey said...

If home-grown oranges are anything like home-grown tomatoes, I don't think I like you anymore. What a treat! And they're pretty, too.

I believe in starting b'day celebrations early and keeping them going. You are doing it right.

Enjoy! And Happy Birthday now and whenever it really happens, and then also for a few weeks after.