Monday, April 13, 2009

One of my favorite things in memory is sharing daily life with my big sisters. We played outside until after trying to be as big as them, while they made sure I could keep up. We three girls have been best friends forever, and we always introduce our new friends to our sisters.

Having the privilege of meeting, and being included into, a new form of family in the blog-world has simply been delicious to me. The more the merrier.

I love my real sisters, my real-life girlfriends, and now my blog friends. You are all my sisters.

Carolynn passed on this Sisterhood Award and I just want to say how much I appreciate it. I have a few women to pass it to that you may or may not know. Check them out and they may become your sister too.

Kristy who is a delight and a sister.

Stacey who owns the biggest horse.

Donna who was one of my first blog sisters and I think of daily.

Anne who turns a phrase so well and is raising a sister.

MiKael who is the ultimate sister with her stamina and determination.


C-ingspots said...

Good golly Miss Molly...I actually won!!! I never win stuff. Too cool!! Thanks so much...I will try to take advantage of what I may learn and try to incorporate the lessons into my life. Yes, lately life has been somewhat hectic. I would welcome some relaxation and stress relief. Ladde's bout of colic has passed and I am most thankful. Scary.
Congratulations on your sisterhood award!! I feel blessed like you to have met some remarkable friends and sisters here in this blogging community as well. I consider you one of those wonderful blessings my friend and sister!! Take care and enjoy the beautiful Mexican sunsets.
I couldn't find your email address here either.
My address is:
Lorie Lundgren
15670 Hwy. 47
Yamhill, OR 97148


Five O'Clock Somewhere said...

I just happened upon your blog. Beautiful, photos, beautiful horse. I love meeting new blog friends.

Carolynn said...

Ooo...more friends! I like it.


Donna said...

Thanks Molly! I love having my blog sisters like you always with me.

smellshorsey said...

You more than deserve a sisterhood award, and I'm delighted to be one of your sisters.

I never had any sisters. I like this.

Thank you!


Anonymous said...

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