Thursday, February 21, 2008

Here's an old picture of Holly and me when we were both teenagers. I posted this before and wrote a little entry about our relationship here.

Busy little Mudranch tagged me to post an old photo and I'm afraid that is the only one I have other than the photo of me on my stick-horse I use as my icon. Sorry to be so repetitive. I actually love that picture and I certainly did love that horse.


photogchic said...

I love that photo. I read the story about your relationship with Holly. My childhood horse was very similar never had a thing wrong with him and raced on bush tracks until he was 12. Looking back, I had a horse that took care of me. Sounds like Holly did the same for you.

Rising Rainbow said...

I wish I had a picture of me on a horse that went back that far in my life. You and photogchic here were both lucky to have horses in your life right from the start!

These old picture tags have been fun to see. Thanks for sharing and did you see my comment. I am so up for Scottsdale next year!!

I also love the pic of you on the stick pony. What a precious memory both of these are.

Anne said...

I love the stick pony and this photo. I need to go digging through my old photos. (They'd look better than the recent ones.)

Strawberry Lane said...

What a terrific photo! Lucky you have have a picture with so many happy memories!

By the way, about the Canada geese, they make the best pets in the world. They are much like dogs ... very people bonded.

I've had domestic geese and they just don't compare.