Saturday, February 02, 2008

February's Desktop Picture

These are sequential pictures from this morning. I peaked over my right shoulder as I was reading MiKael's blog this morning and found the possibility of something picture worthy unfolding out there. The first one was the clue that if I was patient for 5 minutes I might get some copper-colored water as the sky brightened. This also reminds me that the sun is definitely marching north.
Yeah for Groundhog Day!


Around The Funny Farm said...

Love,LOVE, LOVE the photographs!

:-) Beth

Callie said...

Those are beautiful photos!!!!!!

Rising Rainbow said...

They are really pretty but you totally lost me on the reference to my blog. Patience and copper water??

Molly said...

I'm sorry, MiKael. I'm not a good writer. I meant that I noticed the sunrise as I was reading your excellent blog. The copper-colored water is what I get if I wait for the right moment, with the sunrise reflecting off the water.