Monday, February 18, 2008


Cats seem to know things that are only in our minds. This boy acts like he already knows I'm leaving for a few weeks and is becoming more and more clingy. He's the fur-ball who has to get into my suitcase and be sure I have some of him to take along. I could use his whole coat since I'll be up in Oregon. I only have sweatshirts and sweaters down here, OH, but wait, I do have one barn coat. Think I should wash it? Maybe Floyd could give it a good licking.


Callie said...

They're funny that way. Our dogs are totally in tune to vacations. They all seem to know days before. Must be the packing of the suitcases.

Anne said...

Floyd picks up on your anticipation and guilt (because of course you feel guilty over leaving Floyd, as well you should. Cats know it's all about them.)

Don't wash your barn coat. Carry the scent of home with you.

Have a great trip. I hope you'll be posting while you're gone.

Molly said...

Yep, Anne, it IS all about them. That's why I have to share my pillow with Floyd. The other one, Chester, makes sure my feet are unable to move by keeping them warm and tucked in.
I wouldn't leave home without my Mac, so I should be checking in :)

Strawberry Lane said...

Love Floyd! He knows what's going on! He'll love your barn coat ... maybe he'll think you are just around the corner.

It is for sure we couldn't get a good nights sleep without a cat on the bed!