Monday, October 08, 2007


We are leaving in a little while and heading up across the border once again. Where? Vegas, Baby. It's our 40th anniversary this week and we don't have the time to go over to Germany so I picked Las Vegas instead. There's a new Hofbrau House restaurant there and we're licking our chops to order a schnitzel. We got married in Germany in October 1967. Such a long time ago, but only yesterday. One day we got married by the Burgermeister, the next by the American Army. He couldn't dump me if he tried.
It's our Ruby anniversary.


Molly said...

Forty years is a long time. I'm coming on thirty eight myself....Does this mean we're fossils? Since nowadays divorce is so prevalent, or not bothering to get married at all......Have a great time! When you get back you can tell us how you met!

Donna said...

Wow, 40 years! I hope I'm still with my beloved in 40 years. Have a wonderful time.

photogchic said...

Congrats! Have a fabulous time. I live right across the street from a German restaurant. I can't enough fondue!

Callie said...

Congrats! Wow, forty years and what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.....Have a great 40th!

Molly said...

Thanks you guys.
Yes, Molly. We are totally fossils even if we do hum along with hip-hop songs.
Donna, I can't begin to explain what it feels like to know someone so well and trust them so completely.
Photochic, it's all the fattening, comfort food of my dreams.
Callie, I ain't talkin'. I've already showed too many cards on these internets!