Saturday, October 13, 2007

The Strip
Isn't it funny how it only takes 18-24 hours for money to have no value? I walked into the Bellagio clutching my little pennies like they were precious. By the next morning I was sitting in front of a slot machine slipping a hundred dollar bill in the Insert Here slot like it was a kleenex. Well, the Scotch in me does eventually come to the front and after a session of only a few cherries showing up I was feeling frustrated. Up came some odd combination of pictures that lead to many Credits being added to my total. I hit the button to retrieve my dubloons and ended up with slightly more than double my original investment. I considered it a win-win for me.

We had a lovely time but were quite anxious to get home. Now I've got the cash to pay for my Bella's board another month!
Oh, and her winter coat is coming in since it's down in the 70's overnight now! Yep. And she is getting lighter and lighter in creamy color. I owe a picture.


The donut guy said...

Down to the 70's? Gosh, winter must be *brutal* in your neck of the woods:-)

Donna said...

Yes, we need a new picture! I find Vegas too disorienting, and I'm too cheap to really get into the gambling. [:o)

photogchic said...

I am with Donna. I can't part with my money. Just reading about sliding a hundred dollar bill into a machine makes me sweat! Yes! More pictures of Bella!