Thursday, August 09, 2007

That shiny Prius took us up and back to Oregon with few refill stops. It gets better gas milage than I do. I can't go as long as it does between pit stops. The best milage is best found in town, but I would not complain about that road milage vs. my Pathfinder milage. I believe we averaged around 43.8 miles per gallon.

Oh, Mt. Shasta has very little snow and the lake level is terribly low.

It was nice being cold in Oregon and Northern California. We stopped in the Tamales Bay region to sleep and visit an old friend. I'm sorry I haven't been there before now and have it in my mind to certainly return.

We hit 5 wineries total going and coming back. I was the designated driver but did buy a few bottles. Paso Robles seems to have tons of Zinfandel grapes and we learned that Pinot Noir grapes have gone way up in price since the movie Sideways. So the Pinos are more expensive than they used to be on the central coast. Hahn was my favorite and very well worth a few miles off the highway to visit.

Back to Mexico and my Bella after the weekend :)


Dixie said...

One of the big reasons I can't wait to get back to the US is so I can drive my sister's Prius. :)

photogchic said...

What a great roadtrip. I love to wine taste, so I live in the right state for that. Isn't Mt. Shasta gorgeous. I bought Maddy from a family that lives in Yreka. Beautiful down there. Looking forward to a Bella update when you get home.

Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, that is amazing mileage! But I'm with you, I'd need a LOT more pit stops than that!

I don't do wine, can't with my double vision, but lots of my friends do and Washington is getting to be known for it's great wines too. My Arabian horse club is planning on putting on a combination trail ride and wine tasting tour. I'll probably go along to help guide some of my friends along the way. Don't think they're riding will be any better than their driving after a few winery stops!!

In California, there are a group of Arabian Farms that do a progressive tour each year with open houses at the farms and tours at the wineries. I think it's over a few days. It's been a huge hit, I'd like to do that sometime too.