Friday, August 17, 2007

My baby Bella, who thinks she is quite grown up and doesn't need a mother anymore, kind of ignored me when I arrived to visit her for the first time since arriving back in Mexico. That lasted all of 2 minutes until she realized I had the long lost bucket she so craves. She had to wait impatiently for me to clean out her feeder and then she buried her face in the fresh pellets. As I started brushing her in some of her favorite spots she stopped eating and put her head on my shoulder. I think that might have been a hug.
She's developed quite the Andalusian neck. I need to get and post some new pictures.


Rising Rainbow said...

Welcome back, we've missed you. I've been checking in regualarly waiting for a new post for what seems like forever. Then of course, I missed the first. Isn't that just how life goes. LOL
Hope you had a great trip.

Do you think maybe Bella was pouting a little at first because she missed you while your were gone. Scandalous used to do that to me, she most definitely pouted when I returned to let me know she didn't appreciated me being away.If I ever get the time to just reminisce on my blog, MiKael's Mania - Arabian Horses I have some funny stories to tell about the little princess.

But it does sound to me like maybe Bella was doing a little of the same. Especially since she warmed up to you with a nice hug!

Molly said...

Thanks so much, MiKael, for saying I was missed. Very sweet of you. I missed my daily reads, too, and that certainly includes you.
This was the first time leaving Bella so long since we started bonding. She probably was pouting. She was completely ignoring my whistles and calls while other stablemates and barn dogs were acting very excited to see me. My old gelding would purposely turn his tail to me so I would be sure to notice his displeasure.
I love the way you make your stories into daily serials. I always go back for more :)

learninghorses said...

I realized today that the 'life events' our culture idolizes so much (high school grad, first day of school), often pale in comparison to the special moments later in life. One of mine recently was a similar 'hug' or resting my head against my puppy's head while we just contemplated. These special moments are what life is about.