Sunday, August 19, 2007


I'm taking Barbie down to Guadalajara tomorrow for a week of shopping. She has some notion about what she can buy down there. She has seen some beautiful colored-glass windows that she simply must find. They look a little like the bottom of a wine bottle. ha. Wonder why that would interest her. So we are taking off early to catch a flight down and are scheduled to return on Friday. No big deal.


There is that bothersome big hurricane that will come ashore on Mexico's east coast around Wednesday and could impact our flight, or drive, home on Friday, over here on the west coast. I'm terribly worried about our countrymen all along the east coast and will be monitoring Dean's progress as closely as I can. You guys can help me beg Mother Nature to blow this bad boy out with little to no destruction.

I hope to see you Saturday.


photogchic said...

Stay safe. Heard a little bit about the hurricane on the news this morning. Hopefully it loses some steam before reaching land.

Rising Rainbow said...

Stay safe is right. Even this far away I worry about that hurricane. Seems like they have been doing so much more damage the last few years, or maybe I'm just noticing more.