Sunday, May 20, 2007

Nothing went as planned yesterday. The material was backordered for my sofa. The mini-split guy couldn't come afterall and will be here tomorrow, or Manana, whichever comes first. And that lovely Street Sense was beat by a slight nostral.
Life goes on.


Rising Rainbow said...

Street Sense may have been beaten but it was an exciting race. I was screaming when I saw that horse coming up behind him. Can't wait for the next one.

Molly said...

3 Weeks, MiKael. The Belmont. By then your filly will be out and about.
Oh, yes, I was yelling too. Very bold move by that Curlin.

Rising Rainbow said...

I can hardly wait to see those two matched against each other again! And Calvin Borel just seems to be so genuine, I have to be rooting for him! I am a dreamer and I love to see those dreamers reach for the stars!!

But did you see the post on Curlin's trainer and drugging horses. Since I've been posting about integrity and the lack of it (which unfortunately seems to be much easier to find) in the horse industry, I think I'm going to reference that post and some others I've come across. Let's get this stuff out in the open.

I hope you're right about Echo being out and about by then but that's probably wishful thinking. Progress is slow, but at least there is progress. She's sick and tired of being coped up and hand walking is a joke, she's more like a pogo stick jumping up and down than walking. But I'm glad to see she's feeling better. I was really scared for a while, she was one sick filly.