Saturday, May 19, 2007

Lots of little and big appointments today. We are finally getting our couch recovered. Yes it's a sectional sofa and I realize it is very '80's in look and style but it fits our living room so well that it is the final decision on what to do, what to do. So I get to inspect the material this morning and decide if it is exactly what I chose. I'll try to take before and after pictures.
Also, we are going to have mini-splits installed in the remaining 2 bedrooms. When we bought this house it had a 10 ton unit that cooled and heated beautifully but was so inefficient that it was embarrassing. So, we had it dismantled and taken away and started replacing it with mini-splits in each room. I've seen these little units in Europe and Mexico but never in the US. They are wonderfully efficient and not so loud and ugly as the window air conditioners. We decided not to add heat to these last two units, just the AC. Our winters are so mild here that we almost never use heat except in the early morning in January occasionally. But AC is another story, and last summer when Barbie and Sybil came to visit they had to share a room since it was the only extra one with AC.
I am looking forward to the Preakness today even though I saw the fatal step last year. Street Sense is so gorgeous and so thoroughbred. I hope he has a good race.
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And, LA LA LA, I'm trying to get used to this new computer I lusted after. We're coming along as a team.


The donut guy said...

What kinda puter did ya get?

Molly said...

Well George, I hate to tell you but I moved to the other team... I bought that cute little Black MacBook. No problems so far. I kept reading and hearing frustration with Vista that I had been waiting patiently for, so I eventually took some advice from other Macies and made the jump. Today I figured out how to network old and new and I moved files over from my old Toshiba. They seem to be willing to play nice together.

The donut guy said...

There's a really nice program out there called Network Magic that is great for sharing printers and any kinds of computers with a wireless router.

Try the free version to see if you like it, the full featured version is 30 like a charm.

photogchic said...

Good race--I thought Curlin would win the Kentucky Derby, so I was not surprised to see him win yesterday, but oh it would have been nice for Street Sense to have a shot at the Triple Crown!