Sunday, April 01, 2007

Visitors Are Bye Bye
There went March. All gone and all used up and all appreciated. All of my visits and all of our visitors were so much fun.
I learned that our island in the bay has tons of sea shells, but a few less now that Barbie has had her dirty way with it. She tried to sink our kayak with her bounty.
I learned that I don't like to jet ski in windy, wavy water. I think a lake would be a gentler ride for me. I tried to take Barbie over to where the dolphins hang out which might be about a 5 mile ride one way, but I chickened out and turned around before we got there. We were soaked by the time we got back home since the jet ski bounced over the waves and the water sprayed us the whole way back. Good machine, bad driver.
The cooking frenzy was more fun than I ever remember with such a good sized group. One night we made chicken enchiladas which were wonderful. We started that whole day by roasting a chicken. Perfectly delicious. Another night was different kinds of shrimp on the barbeque.
This is the week that brings all of the Mexican college students into town for their Spring Break. I believe there were over a hundred thousand kids last year that camped on the beaches and partied all night. We old folks just tuck ourselves in and let them have their fun. But, I bet my husband will insist on us checking out the action on Friday night like we did last year. I felt so completely out of place that I begged him to just turn the quad around and get me home.
I'm turning 59 in the middle of this month. Ho Hum. I suppose that's why I don't feel excited about driving a quad through a mass of drunk college kids. I'm probably older than their grandparents! Maybe I should be wearing a hairnet (winking at Dixie).


Donna said...

Anyone who rides a jet ski and a quad doesn't need a hairnet, maybe a helmet though!

Dixie said...

Well darlin', I just happen to have a hairnet you can have. Only used one time! :)

Glad you had a good time with the visitors. Mmmm...chicken enchiladas and shrimp!

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm with donna on the hairnet and the helmet. Not even when I'm dead will I let them put a hairnet on me.