Thursday, April 12, 2007


Ok, I'm not going to talk about this Imus business. Everyone else seems to be and they are much more eloquent writers than me. Somebody somewhere is saying what I feel. I can give you a hint though by telling you that way back in 1993 I got so angry about censorship that it was unhealthy. I'm talking about a narrow-minded, local TV station that refused to show NYPD Blue due to the nudity. Outraged is not even close to how angry I was at the "deciders" who thought it was much too nasty for my gentle eyes.
No, I'd rather talk about my sister, Susan, and her ability to change. She is the sister that can eat the same thing everyday for 9 months. She is the sister that almost passed out in the L'Occitane store when she learned that the lovely, light green Linden soap was not going to be produced anymore. She is the sister that influenced me more than our mother since she is the one born just ahead of me. I probably have many of her same rigid traits.
Her laptop, which I influenced her to buy, left her high and dry last week when the hard drive decided to blow up. She came back to me anyway for advice on what she should look at now. I have been listening to geeks and genius' about what units are providing good service at reasonable prices. So I gave her a few choices with the small Mac Book at the top of the list. When her old laptop mechanic called to say the hard drive was kaput she drove straight to the Mac store and simply bought the very one I suggested. The poor Genius helping her tried to explain why it was a good machine and have you ever used a Mac before? She responded that she had used a Mac before he was born, which turned out to be true. She had taught at Reed College in Portland in the early '80s and they had Macs...way back then. But that was the last time so this was a very big step.
So, Susan has made the jump. It's all good. And I'm sitting in the corner, jealous as hell, sucking my thumb, wanting a new black Mac like hers.