Thursday, April 19, 2007

Dixie Peach over in Germany had a thought provoking interview and offered to ask 5 interview questions to those bloggers that were interested in this meme. These are her questions and my answers.

1. I know you love horses. Is there one horse you owned or have ridden that stands out above the rest in your memory?
I've only owned a handful of horses but the one that still gives me a lump in my throat is my old Handsome Buck. He was Not the best looking horse in the stable. Matter of fact, when I met him as my daughter-in-law was looking for a horse for me to buy, she pointed out this pathetic bag of bones with not nearly enough tail and a couple of stray hairs in his mane and a tiny fuzzy forelock. He had been out in the middle of cow country and didn't have enough forage. There was no way I would consider buying him, but, oh ok, let's feed him some suppliments. As he was eating his bucket the second day he looked me square in the eye as if saying, "You're my lady now." I was sunk but still didn't consider buying him until several months later when he had started putting on weight due to my daily bucket. Once I saddled and bridled him all he wanted to do was please me. If I asked for a trot he just went right to it. If I asked for a canter, he went rocking-horse forward on the correct lead and would try to make a flying change if I could try to ask for it properly. We cut cattle one day and worked on our dressage another day. He was the ultimate pleasure horse and someone I had looked for and needed in my life without knowing it. He passed away a few years ago. A rare diamond in the rough.

2. How do you like to entertain - throw large parties or have intimate dinner parties with just a few people or something in between?
My very favorite thing is to have friends come for lunch. Bologna and/or grilled cheese sandwiches and peanut butter crackers, potato chips, root beer, Oreos. Evenings are best with a few friends, not the crowd. But if I have overnight guests then it’s a total par-tay like a rock star. Large parties are like endurance races.

3. "I really tried to fight it, but what the hell I like it..." is a favorite line of mine from a song. Do you have a bad habit that you probably should fight but you don't because you like it?
My bad habit is thinking about dieting, eating more sensibly, and not getting it done. I love ice cream too much. Oh! and cheese too.

4. You're out to dinner and seated at the table next to your is your favorite actor/actress/singer/sports figure/whatever. Would you approach that person and if you would, how would you do it?
I have seen, been close to, seated nearby some pretty famous people but I would never speak to them. The one exception was when I stood close to Doris Day and she spoke to me first. I babbled something incoherant and grinned at the floor.

5. What's your favorite cocktail?
Probably a Cosmopolitan but only maybe one per year and it has to have really smooth vodka. Or a nicely chilled California Chardonnay.

Plucked right from Dixie’s blog:
Now it's your turn to play if you wish:

Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.” I will respond by asking you five questions in the comments here on this post so check back here. I get to pick the questions. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

(Thanks alot Dixie. This is a nice get-together)


Dixie said...

I love that you like to have people over for lunch. I think having lunch with friends is always the most fun.

Thanks for letting me interview you!

Donna said...

Hi Molly -- interview me!

Molly said...

Great Donna! If you don't like the questions, just change them to better ones ;)
Here you go:
1. Being originally from Canada do you think you’ll ever move back there? Why or why not?
2. Since you are a relatively new horsewoman do you have any advice for other women wanting to make the leap for the first time in their adulthood?
3. How do you imagine your life with Missy 10 years from now?
4. We’ve got similar taste in movies (from your profile.) What is the last movie you saw that made you include it in your short list? Any obscure movies that you loved?
5. What are the ups and downs of having a step-son?

Rising Rainbow said...

You're braver than me, I'd hate to be interviewed unless it was totally about horses. Guess that tells you where my priorities are! But your answers I could relate to, expecially the diet thing....but if I ride enough horses I won't have time to eat. That'll work too.

jag said...

Am I too late? Interview me!

Molly said...

Here you go JAG:
1.It seems you have a very technical job. Do you love it, or what would you rather do?
2.On a snowy, winter Saturday with no obligations what do you do?
3.Would you rather travel inside the US or outside? Where would you go?
4.What type of bike do you own and is your first?
5.Now that you are into your 30th year on earth what are 2 of your biggest plans/dreams in the next 30 years.