Friday, February 27, 2009

Our Sundial

Our mountains can almost tell the time of day/time of year with their shadows on our bay.


Ami said...

wow that is a gorgeous photo!!


Carolynn said...

Those sunsets are so incredibly gorgeous! Wow!

C-ingspots said...

Hello there Miss Molly,
So...I can't be a slacker blogger huh?? Well, alright I'll try to get my act together soon. Thanks for caring. Everything's ok, I've been somewhat busy at work and distracted of late trying to line up a place to stay while in Hawaii this coming September. So many choices! Life's been a bit of a challenge too and I've been experiencing difficulties with my computer. Several days there I couldn't even look at anybody's blogs! Grrrr!!
Your picture is absolutely gorgeous!! If I could look at something like that everyday, I can't imagine being anything but happy...can I come stay with you for a while and hide from my life?
Just beautiful. Take care my friend.

Carolynn said...

Hi Molly. Haven't seen you around for a while...I'm guessing it's because you're busy housetraining your new puppy. ;o)

I wanted to invite you to swing by my place and enter a Giveaway I'm having right now.

jrosey said...

Wow!!! What a gorgeous picture! Thanks for being my first non-family member/close friend to leave me a comment! I was totally excited! ;)

Maria said...

what beautiful photography you have, oh I'm sooo jealous, can I move in.
Bella is absolutely gorgeous, looking forward to perusing your site further and learning more.