Friday, February 06, 2009

Finger over the cell phone lens.

Still it is us out on a "real" trail ride.

I was pretty happy with Bella and she was almost as happy with me. We want to do more of this kind of riding.

Sandy and Brent rode with me.

It was 80 degrees this morning before noon.

There just doesn't have to be drama.


C-ingspots said...

Hey there, look at you girl!! Out there riding your horse on a real trail ride!! Piece a cake huh?? Remember, it's all about enjoying yourself and your horse enjoying herself. Good job!!
80 before noon!!?? It's grey, dreary and misty here today.

Donna said...

There doesn't have to be drama, I'm glad there isn't any on a trail ride, that would defeat the whole purpose!

Rising Rainbow said...

What a great and Bella out enjoying the sun and the ride. Just one good thing after another. I love it.

Flying Lily said...

Nice! Well done you.

photogchic said...

Great pic...finger and all. You two look fantastic.