Saturday, December 13, 2008

Bella's Progression

We've had 3 lessons under saddle now with Bella progressing very well. I have changed her saddle to a lightweight synthetic black one that fits better and doesn't overwhelm her back.
Lesson #2 we walked out better and started figuring out turning and sometimes stopping at Whoa. Less time was spent on the lunge line.

Lesson #3 she really started listening to my requests to go, turn, stop. And we trotted. And we used the whole arena and moved through a cat fight right in front of us without being troubled more than stopping to look. I turned her in a few big circles and walked her over the poles I'd set on the ground.
We might try outside the arena next. I haven't had my camera since the first ride but will try to remember it next lesson.
I'm driving up to Tucson to pick up sister Barbie tomorrow and that means Bella's lessons will be limited for a week.

I never dreamed these lessons would go so quickly, but that's because I play these scenes out in my head and they always have unhappy endings. Reality is so much better than fantasy.


Carolynn said...

Congratulations! I haven't experienced anything quite so satisfying as the small progressions I make with my riding and the connection I make with my horse.

Amazing (!!!) sunrise photo you have in your sidebar, too. :o))

Donna said...

I'm so glad that things have been working out better in reality than in your head. I tend to be a pessimist about most things, but somehow I forget to expect the worst when I'm around my horse. Looking forward to more pictures!

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm so glad that things are going well with Bella. Looking forward to pictures.

Rising Rainbow said...

OK, I'm back to tag you for a picture meme and was hoping for more news on Bella's progress. Even though I knew you'd be tied up with your sister, I was hoping maybe you'd have withdrawal or something and squeeze a lesson in....Oh, I guess I'm the one suffereing withdrawal here! LOL