Friday, December 05, 2008

Bella Under Saddle

All of the right planets lined up on Wednesday in the proper order so that my confidence in Bella's attitude was perfect. Karen met us out at the barn to offer a friendly hand.

I saddled Bella over by her corral and then led her to the little arena. No complaints, all is well. 78 degrees and not a breeze to be seen. I asked her to lunge a little just to be sure there wasn't any hidden loose screws. Karen joined us and stood quietly by while I mounted and tried to sit deep and relaxed in the saddle. We petted a minute in that position. Then we asked Bella to follow Karen around the arena once to see if her balance was Ok with my weight on top. Still no feathers flew.

Back to the middle of our little lunging area and Karen asked Bella to go on out on the circle. Each of Bella's feet made their own deliberate step. There was no hurry. We went around in Pony-Ride circles both ways with me begging myself to relax and enjoy the moment.

Soon Karen thought we might try walking without the life-line lunge line. That stumped Bella. How to walk forward without a Mother's hand to hold. After we finally got a little movement we decided to dismount, pet and check saddle, and mount back up. This time we did more steps on our own and then dismounted on the opposite side.

She was a champ, my little girl.

I pulled the saddle while still standing there and she didn't have any dampness anywhere. Meanwhile, my bra was soaked.

I wish I had worn something a little more sparkly and photogenic, but it certainly wasn't about me. Bella takes good pictures under any condition.


Flying Lily said...

You both look gorgeous and congratulations on the successful ride!! Quite the big event.

Donna said...

Congrats! She looks very comfortable and calm. What a testament to your training and your relationship with her.

Molly said...

Thanks you guys. We will have round 2 tomorrow, probably. She's very thoughtful for a youngster. I wish MiKael and her Richard were around these parts for me.

Vaquerogirl said...

What a sweetie she is! Looked very un- perturbed! And I did see a smile from you in the last photo! Can't hide it- you can't deny it- it was a smile as big as that Mexico sky!
Keep up the good work!

Rising Rainbow said...

Congrats! How cool is that for a first ride!! Way to go, girl!

Give Bella some extra pats from me.

photogchic said...

Love that horse...what a great accomplishment. Congrats ladies..give Bella a scratch from me.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Molly! She is such a beautiful girl, reminds me so much of my Kigers. Keep up the good work! It sure is nice when there isn't a breeze isn't it? They always get so whipped up. ;)