Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Smack That

Kind of a smack dab in the middle kind of day. Just past the middle of my summer, just before the middle of August, and right in the middle of the week.

A nice little trip up to my daughter's house, whereupon she rescued a new dog. Cutest little Yorkie-poo kind of black dog. Sophie joined a three cat family and she's smaller than them and is already full grown. She now has been spayed and has a hair-cut and is learning to skirt hissing, claw-wielding felines. While I was up there I spoke up about their slow dial-up service and we ordered the DSL to be hooked up. I also gave my son-in-law my old Toshiba laptop that I took 3 days to clean-up. He's not much of a computer man, but with the faster connection and my snappy laptop he is checking out things he never thought he needed.

I'm really enjoying the Olympics, especially all of the equestrian events. Thank you Oxygen Network for giving us frustrated horse people some of the great sport. My friend's son is riding in Stadium Jumping.

I bought some new walking pants on sale and wear them almost to bed they are so comfortable. But now I see the next animal print I should own will be the python hoodie whenever it goes on sale.

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Carolynn said...

OMG, how exciting for your friend and her son and you. And now me, too. I can now say, I'm only 3 Degrees of Separation from an Equestrian Olympian. :o)

It sounds like you're enjoying your summer. How could you not in sunny California.