Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Moth Balls

I learned recently from my son-in-law that placing moth balls around the garage would either keep the black widows out or send the current residents on their way. We've had a few in a couple of areas of the garage that just won't move even when I demolish their homes and threaten their first born. They call congress and get low cost loans and rebuild right in the path of my wrath once again. So I liked the idea of making their environment less inviting and went on a hunt for the killer moth balls.

Home Depot employee didn't have any idea but sent us to the Home Defense section. No luck there.

Target Customer Service young women tried to stifle a case of giggles over my noun and had to call for help. They were sure I was teasing them, even though old people don't tend to use foul language in strange company. Yes indeed, they had what I was looking for over in the hanger section. After I snagged the box I took it back to the women so they could see that I wasn't really just sending them on a 'snip hunt.'

I got them home and sprinkled about 20 around the garage. It got quite ripe in there the first few days and almost brought tears to my eyes as I walked through to handle the garbage but have melted away now and I don't see any signs of rebuilding construction workers. I'll keep you updated on widow movement if I see any.

So, I learned that as we age we cannot assume normal everyday objects will carry over to the next generation.


Mrs Mom said...

Wow-- widows. Not a nice mess to deal with! Surely hope the Moth Balls did the trick and they stay away for good there, Miss Molly.

Oh- and the youth of today... *sigh*... they surely do lack in a quite a few life skills!

Carolynn said...

Reminds me of an old joke...

Have you ever smelled moth balls?


How did you get their little legs apart?


Hope they do the trick for you!

Cheryl said...

Hey, I need some for my tack room! I moved the broom yesterday and a HUGE black widow came creeping out! YUCK! Guess I'll have to go ask for moth balls!

Saddle Mountain Rider said...

I hate spiders! And wasps! And snakes! And those big creepy june bugs! And mice! And skunks! Aint country life excitin'?

Ami said...

Thank you Thank you!! Is it Black Widow season?? I went out and both the moth balls per your recommendation and hope to not see any more BW's in the garage (or any place else for that matter!!!)


Twinville said...

I had no idea moth balls were so useful for sending widows packing. Cool!

And you totally cracked me up. You should have heard me snarfing and sniggling.
It was not pretty. hehe


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