Monday, March 10, 2008

See that little fog bank out there? It enveloped us this morning, but is now receding. Kind of like my foggy little brain.
I returned home yesterday from my nursing duties in Oregon. I wish I had another week or two to stay with my sister but my husband was done with being a bachelor and I had my plane ticket in hand. That rotator cuff surgery business is tough and it is a long recovery. Being one armed for weeks on end is no good. I did make sure Barbie could open her own wine bottles and feed the cat before I left. Oh, and you know that barn coat I took along? It certainly came in handy to wrap Barbie in after the surgery. She wore it like a cocoon for days until we were able to unhook and unwrap her little stapled wounds. Luckily she has fluffy Venus to keep her warm with me gone along with my coat. I wish I could have just brought them both back home with me.
By the way, I haven't been in Oregon in the winter/spring in quite some time. It is so beautiful!


Rising Rainbow said...

Looks like the kitty is taking good care of her! LOL You have to love cats like that.

Molly said...

I got in bed with both of them one night to watch a movie and Venus looked at me quite hatefully. She could do all the care necessary and didn't want me stepping on her toes.

photogchic said...

Miss ya already. I waved when I saw you fly over;-)

Ami said...

I've never been to Oregon but I hope to get there one day!!


Tracey said...

I've known a couple folks who've done the rotator cuff stuff and you're right, it's not pretty.

Sorry you had to leave pretty Oregon, but I'll bet your hubby is happy you're home!

Anne said...

Venus is my kind of cat, though she'd probably have great disdain for me, too. But that's her job, right?

Glad you could help Barbie. Sounds like other than the surgery, which certainly isn't minor, at least you got some good sister time in.

Thanks for the movie reviews! I don't get out much (just every day but not to the movies) so I appreciate the guide.

Welcome home!