Friday, March 14, 2008

Movie Reviews

While I was up in Oregon and Barbie was recuperating we got to rent and watch movies. I'm always way behind in current movies so a trip to the rental store is always like my eyes are bigger than my stomach. So many to see, so little time.

Here is our list and our opinions:

  • Death at a Funeral-two thumbs up, comedy
  • Secret Life of Words-two big thumbs up, drama
  • Michael Clayton-two thumbs up, drama
  • Elizabeth The Golden Age-two thumbs up, drama
  • Copying Beethoven-two thumbs down, we only watched 20 minutes, couldn't take any more
  • Once-two big thumbs up, musical
  • Kinky Boots-two thumbs up, comedy/drama
  • The Darjeeling Express-two big thumbs up, comedy/drama
  • Goya's Ghost-two thumbs down, but we did watch the whole thing, drama
  • Evening-two thumbs sideways, disappointing drama with a good cast
  • 3:10 to Yuma-thumbs up, drama (Russell Crow appears to be able to really ride)
  • Juno (in the theatre)-two thumbs way up, quirky drama

If I was forced with threats of no dessert to pick my favorite movie I would probably say, "The Secret Life of Words." It was so painful, well acted and written. Not a light movie.
We enjoyed the music so much in Once and Juno that we downloaded both soundtracks from iTunes.


Rising Rainbow said...

I haven't seen any of those movies but then I'n not much of a movie goer. And the movies that come home are all that high adventure everythings bloody and blowing up stuff, so I sit at my computer instead.

Molly said...

MiKael, your stories are so engaging that we all hope you stay right there in front of your computer. I get stuck with the "blowing up stuff" when hubby picks, but when it's just us girls we get to watch everything else.

photogchic said...

I have seen most of those. I really enjoyed 3:10 to Yuma. I grew up watching westerns with my grandpa, so it was nice to see a modern day one and Christian Bale is so easy on the eyes:-) Still need to see "Once." I hear that one is inspiring.

sari said...

I want to see Darjeeling Express and Juno!