Friday, January 11, 2008

Rotator Cuff

I assumed wrongly that the Rotator Cuff was a ball and joint and found myself quite uninformed. Sister Barbie has to have hers operated on due to a bad fall this past summer that dislocated her shoulder. I get to go up and play nurse/bartender since she'll be somewhat immobile and someone has to open the wine. That's Oregon in February and I don't have any winter clothes down here. brrrr
Our town is full of snowbirds and I find myself grumbling about the traffic. With no stoplights, and the ALTO signs are merely suggestions, it gets a little tangled occasionally. If I find myself behind someone who isn't moving when they should I find my hand hovering just over the steering wheel horn. When did I get so impatient?
And we have friends and relatives lined up like airliners at an international airport to come down and warm up a few minutes. It's our busy season.


Anne said...

I hope Barbie recovers quickly and that all your wine is divine.

You'll really appreciate your warmth when you get home.

Have a safe trip -- and don't injure your own rotator cuff opening any wine bottles.

Anonymous said...

I'm just trying to imagine a world with no stoplights - I can't make it out of my neighborhood without two stop signs and a stoplight!


Rising Rainbow said...

I'm sorry to hear your sister must have surgery. And Oregon in winter after where you're living will be an adjustment. I'm freezing here in western WA between the temperature and the damp.

Rising Rainbow said...

You've recieved an award over at my blog.