Saturday, December 22, 2007


You know those oranges/tangelos/NOT Christmas balls from a post back in early December? Well, the game is on now to salvage at least a couple for our centerpiece for our Christmas dinner. The house that's being built right next door has some construction fellows who are brave enough to dart across our patio and snatch a few when they THINK we aren't looking.

Oh, and also, you should see the very white people walking along the shoreline in shorts and tank tops, dipping their toes as they go. I think they are visiting from Canada. Makes me shiver.

I'll go put on a heavy jacket and pick the remaining oranges. It's way down in the 60's today. I wouldn't want them or me to get frost bite!


Rising Rainbow said...

Down in the 60s, don't make me laugh. You have to be even colder than me if you're getting a heavy coat in that kind of weather.

I get laughed at all the time for my many layers. You can imagine how many since it's freezing here. And I do mean freezing.

Anne said...

We used to drive to Myrtle Beach (S.C.) in March to watch the Canadians swim. They'd be very, very white and we'd be in our heavy winter clothes.

Hope you saved your oranges!

Anne from