Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Eau de Toilette

McCoy was out there, trotting away from some boys who were trying to catch him. Bella was equally interested in her bucket and her man's adventure. McCoy is an older black gelding who romances every mare in his domain.

Bucket, McCoy, Bucket, McCoy

Eventually she had to go to her poop corner and scent it with eau de young-mare-in-heat.


photogchic said...

Bella in love....I see a script for a Disney movie:-)

Molly said...

It may be a little risque for Disney!

Rising Rainbow said...

Yes, Molly, I'm with you. I did a post about teasing mares a while back and was told it made someone blush! I don't think I said anything that anyone who lives with mares doesn't know. lol