Friday, February 23, 2007

Pony, Bella, Sonora

My little yearling is between her mother and her sister. Mama Pony is about 7 years old and barely reaches 15 hands. Bella is a month away from 2 years now. Sonora is 9 months and starting to shed her baby coat. Sonora and Bella had different Dads but Pony is their Mama. Sonora is weaned, but will stick her head under either Pony or Bella if given a chance. They both let her, too. All three girls really enjoy human company and stand quietly for brushing and kisses.

One more thing, Sonora has a complete white marking around her upper neck like a string of pearls. She's appropriately attired to take tea with the Queen.


Donna said...

They're all so sweet I could just take them all home!

bestfriend said...

very sweet and lovely!