Friday, February 02, 2007

As promised, I caught the moon rising as the sun was setting last evening. The syzygy. It was a great low tide that is visable below my patio. I put the camera right on the railing so I wouldn't end up with jewelry again.

Then the other day we had such pretty lighting at sunset due to a little storm coming through.

I had the flash on and got this odd picture. There might have been a rainbow somewhere out there.


jag said...

Beautiful! I am so jealous, it is so cold and gray and snowy here.

George said...

Ummm...can my wife and I visit?

It sure looks warm!

Doe said...

Where are you and how soon can I get there? ;) It's about -25C here. Your *freezer* isn't -25C!

Donna said...

Gorgeous photos, as usual!